It's ultimate, not frisbee

When I’m late for practice

(Submission: Austin) 

When I’m assigned to cover our opponent’s best handler

(Submission: Kluss-Dorf) 

When I mark up on someone without a break throw

When I dropped my first potential callahan

(Submission: anonymous) 

Watching my pull go up in the wind

(Submission: Lezzles) 

Anytime I try to learn a new trick with the disc

(Submission: Austin) 

Trying to find an open lane in a ho stack

(submission: kitkat) 

When rookies show up in sneakers

(Submission: cbetka37)

When your captain chooses you for the dance off

(Submission: Lezzles) 

When your new team finally develops some chemistry

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(Submission: Kluss-Dorf)