It's ultimate, not frisbee

When only two people show up for the “spirit wall” during a time out

(submission: cbetka) 

Reminiscing about my college tournaments

(Submission: BDP) 

First practice back at college

(Submission: cbetka) 

Faking out your defender

(Submission: dorkymaggots

Convincing myself to buy gear at a tournament

(Submission: Tyler) 

When someone calls a timeout during a marathon point

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(Submission: xdchandlerx) 

When we’re about to play a higher seeded team

(Submission: Kluss-dorf) 

When someone randomly trips on the field

(submission: xdchandlerx) 

When my defender tries to lay out through me but I score on them anyway

When my captain is looking for someone to call on the line